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There's nothing magical about math. Math it's just a structured way of representing reality. This represention makes it easier to manipulate the elements of reality using the rules of mathematical logic. The results of these manipulations can be very counter-intuitive and look like a miracle. But it's not. It's merely the results of good structure and organization.

A proven theorem which suggests interesting results is similar to a highly disciplined person successing in his or her career by the means of rigid discipline.

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    Today I had a meeting with a bunch of whores. I'm not a righteousness freak, but that kind of cheapness makes you puzzled a bit :)

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    Why do people like Ellen Degeners ? I think she is plain stupid and not funny at all. I like Conan O'Brien though. He has the sense of humour I…

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    Most research findings in psychology are either obvoius or useless.

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