vladi_world (vladi_world) wrote,

Crossing the Chasm by G. Moore

Some people are not innovators not because of their conservatism, but because they may be preocupied with other things in their lives. Since an innovation may not be within the realm of their expertise, it's more efficient for them to follow instead of taking time to analyze the innovation and decide whether to adopt it or not. In other words, it's a matter of pragmatism and not psychological characteristics.

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    Today I had a meeting with a bunch of whores. I'm not a righteousness freak, but that kind of cheapness makes you puzzled a bit :)

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    Why do people like Ellen Degeners ? I think she is plain stupid and not funny at all. I like Conan O'Brien though. He has the sense of humour I…

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    Most research findings in psychology are either obvoius or useless.

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